Certificate of Security Studies

Basic information: The Certificate of Security Studies can be earned by any student enrolled in the International Relations and European Studies Master’s Program (IRES) at Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), provided that s/he meets all of the regular criteria for awarding the Mgr. academic title. Further, the student must meet the criteria specified below in order to be eligible for the Certificate award. Students do not need to apply in advance for the award of the Certificate. Interested students just need to fulfill all the criteria listed below during their studies at MUP.

Application for the Certificate: Students shall apply for the Certificate of Security Studies by completing the relevant form, which must be submitted to the Student Services office for verification at the latest on the day of the student’s Final State Exam. The form may be submitted only in case the student met all the criteria to be awarded the Certificate as mentioned below. The review of the student’s successful compliance with the requirements for earning the Certificate is solely the authority of the Head of the Center for Security Studies. It is possible to appeal against the decision of the Head of the Center for Security Studies to award or not to award the Certificate by submitting a written letter to the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. The decision of the Vice-Rector is final and further appeals are not possible.

Criteria for awarding the Certificate of Security Studies

Form – Application for Certificate of Security Studies