Fotka hlavni stranka a stranka o C4SS
Fotka hlavni stranka a stranka o C4SS

Center for Security Studies

Since its establishment in 2009, the Center for Security Studies (C4SS) has had two main pillars of activity. The first are activities oriented towards students and graduates of the Metropolitan University of Prague (MUP), the aim of which is to:

  1. Connect the often isolated worlds of the academy and the “real world”, especially through lectures and debates with security experts from practice;
  2. Contribute to greater and deeper integration of students, including foreign and exchange students of the Erasmus program, studying at MUP various study programs in English and Czech;
  3. Enable students and graduates of MUP to participate in research projects implemented by C4SS researchers. If you are a student or graduate of MUP and would like to become a member of the C4SS team, contact us via!

The second key area of C4SS is scientific research. The main goals of C4SS in this area are the connection of internationally recognized research on global, regional and local security with the creation of intellectual conditions for the education of the future generation of experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. The ambition of C4SS is to become a model interdisciplinary research workplace uniting researchers from different Departments within the MUP. In addition to strengthening the research identity and prestige of the MUP, a fundamental ambition of C4SS is to significantly contribute to the establishment of more permanent research cooperation of an inter-institutional nature in the Czech and international context. Therefore, an important ambition of C4SS is the regular influx of brains from abroad for the position of PostDoc, through which we want to recruit high-quality recent graduates of doctoral studies from abroad every year. More information about our current research activities can be found in the Research section.

C4SS also oversees the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) that is published by the MUP Press. CEJISS is a quarterly journal that publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles across the entire field of International Relations and International Security. CEJISS is a pluralist journal. It favours a variety of theories and methods used as well as topics and geographical areas covered. Nonetheless, CEJISS is primarily (but not exclusively) interested in understanding the drivers of the contemporary world’s change – from geopolitical shifts, nationalist resurgence and regionalisation to environmental and technological changes. Rather than specialising in a particular theme, it prefers to explicate the broader impacts and mutual entanglements of these processes. CEJISS publishes articles focused on Central and Eastern Europe, the region of its primary focus, but also other regions and the global international system. It is open to inter-disciplinary, cross-thematic and trans-regional works discussing international aspects of politics and security.