Research assistants

Research assistant positions allow interested MUP students to get a first hand experience with academic research. The positions are also open to MUP alumni and other qualified external student applicants. All positions are strictly voluntary and non-paid. While specific arrangements vary from project to project, students are expected to provide roughly four hours per week of research time during the academic year. Students are welcome to volunteer their time and energy to the following faculty-led research projects. Please contact the supervising faculty directly if you are interested in these topics.

Professor Oldřich Bureš (oldrich.bures@mup.cz):

Privatization of security, Private military and security companies, as well as other private companies
Terrorism and counterterrorism, especially the EU counterterrorism policy

Professor Nik Hynek (hynek@mup.cz):

Nuclear Deterrence and Missile Defense, Role Theory and Foreign Policy Analysis, Security Assemblages

Associate Professor Michal Kolmaš (michal.kolmas@mup.cz):

Climate change in International Relations, International Relations in Asia, Japanese Foreign and Security policy, Non-Western/Post-Western Approches to IR

Assistant Professor Šárka Kolmašová (sarka.kolmasova@mup.cz)

Social Norms in International Relations, International Relations of Central and Eastern Europe, Non-Western Approaches in IR, Latin American Politics, Responsibility to Protect

Assistant Professor Aleš Karmazin (ales.karmazin@mup.cz)

Chinese Foreign and Security Policy, New Technologies in IR, Social Constructivism, Sovereignty, Regionalism

Assistant Professor Ricardo Reboredo (ricardo.reboredo@mup.cz)

International Political Economy, China’s Foreign Policy, International Relations of/in Africa, Extractivism, Geopolitics