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Fotka knihovna do sekce Publikace

Grant GAČR Anatomy of Revisionism

The staff members of the Center for Security Studies under the leadership of Associate Professor Oldřich Bureš are participating in the research grant GA16-02288S Anatomy of Revisionism and Its Impact on (Sub-)Regional Institutionalisations and Alliances awarded by the Czech Science Agency.

In the 2016-2018 period, this research project aims to make a contribution to the existing literatures on revisionism, regionalism and alliances by unpacking conceptual contours and security connotations of revisionism in order to comprehend and explain its importance for the emergence and evolution of regional and/or subregional security orders in Europe and Asia. We use the concept of revisionism, and its heuristics, because it represents a pivotal category through which different categories of powers, with varying concerns and interests, interact. Hegemons, regional powers, and small states are all entangled in complex patterns of enmity and amity, very often directly linked to the denial, or enjoyment, of core (inter-)national values. The resulting formations are regional security orders, where patterns of friendship or hostility acquire multilayered character over time due to security institutionalizations of which military alliances can be as much an outcome as could be security communities, or even more institutionalized regional organizations.

Key questions: Explore the impact of revisionism on 1) the rise of regional security orders and the divergence of its outcomes (cooperation versus integration); 2) instances of the less well known cases of sub-regional security cooperation and potential cases of security cooperation in Europe and Asia.

Publications from this research project will be available in the publications section of our webpage.