Fotka knihovna do sekce Publikace
Fotka knihovna do sekce Publikace

Grant TAČR Smart Migration

Research project Smart Migration in the Czech Republic

Project participants: Mendel University in Brno together with the Center for Security Studies at Metropolitan University Prague, in co-operation with the Czech office of the International Organization for Migration

Funding: The project is funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, project no. TL01000468

Project duration: June 2018 to May 2022.

Principal investigator Mendel University: Dr. Robert Stojanov

Principal co-investigator Metropolitan University: Prof. Oldrich Bures

Further information

Migration is currently one of the primary issues not only on the political level and migration policies, and their instruments play a key role in this debate. However, many of the current challenges for migration to the Czech Republic (CR) have not yet been explored in detail, or only in primary research, the results of which can not be directly applied in practice. This project, therefore, offers a combination of applied and experimental research, the results of which can be used by application guarantors in the development of public policies, strategic materials, and appropriate tools for their application. The outputs of the project can also directly help current immigrants and those interested in labor migration to the Czech Republic. The results of the project will, therefore, lead to more efficient use of public finances and human potential.

Objectives of the project: The project has two basic objectives. The first is to provide effective support to immigrants in the Czech Republic who find themselves in difficult personal situations through the development and testing of new mobile and web applications “Smart Migration” with personalized support for immigrants from the former Soviet Union and other countries who are dealing with serious problems during their stay in the Czech Republic. User-friendly applications should help them in complex life situations (e.g. job loss, illness, work injury), but also facilitate their integration in the Czech Republic.

The second objective of the project is the analysis of three key socio-demographic issues (migration current risks and challenges, policy coherence, the Canadian model of active migration policy), the results of which can be applied in the development of public policies, strategic materials, and other appropriate tools for their application.

Main outputs of the project:

  1. Mobile application Smart Migration
  2. Web application Smart Migration
  3. Analysis of the current Canadian migration model “Express Entry” and the possibilities of its possible application on the Czech labor market
  4. Risks and challenges of current Czech migration policy in the context of developments in the other EU Member States
  5. The coherence of migration, development and security policies of the Czech Republic