Research assistants

Research assistant positions allow interested MUP students to get a first hand experience with academic research. The positions are also open to MUP alumni and to qualified external student applicants. All positions are strictly voluntary and non-paid. While specific arrangements vary from project to project, students are expected to provide roughly four hours per week of research time during the academic year. Currently, students are welcomed to volunteer their time and energy to the following faculty-led research projects. Please contact the supervising faculty directly if you are interested in any of these topics.

Research projects supervised by Associate Professor Oldřich Bureš (
Privatization of Security (Private military and security companies as well as other private companies)
Peacekeeping (primarily UN operations)
EU Counterterrorism Policy

Research projects supervised by Associate Professor Nik Hynek (
Nuclear Deterrence and Missile Defense
Role Theory and Foreign Policy Analysis
Security Assemblages

Research projects supervised by Senior Lecturer Dr. Radana Makariusová (                                                           Global Governance                                                                                                               Terrorism                                                                                                                               Non-state Actors

Research projects supervised by Senior Researcher Dr. Vít Střítecký Hynek (                                                                      TBA

Research projects supervised by Lieutenant Dr. Bohuslav Pernica (only in Czech language!)
External expert, Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic (
Nasazení českých vojáků v zahraničí v letech 1993 až 2009: rozsah nasazení a vývoj charakteru misí
Vývoj vojenské politiky České republiky v letech 1993 až 2009 ve zrcadle strategických dokumentů
Vojenská záloha a fenomén aktivní zálohy České republiky