The key four poles of C4SS research agenda are the following: 1) conflict resolution and transformation; 2) privatization of security and terrorism; 3) new security threats; 4) small states security.

Our main goal is the linkage of internationally recognized research of global, regional, and local security issues with the creation of an intellectual environment conducive to the emergence of future generations of security experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. Our ambition is to become a model research center within the Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), thus strengthening its identity of a research university.

In addition to strengthening research prestige of the MUP, we also aim to make a significant contribution to the establishment of a more permanent nature of inter-institutional research collaboration, both in the domestic and international context. An important new ambition C4SS is therefore a steady influx of intellectual capital from abroad through the creation of a new PostDoc position each academic year.