Past Roundtables

March 31, 2020 , Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism by dr. Alexandr Burilkov

December 4, 2019, NATO in the Post-sovereign Globalized World. General Petr Pavel and former ambassador Petr Kolář

December 9, 2019 , Alois Tichý a Miroslava Zichová                  Department of Non-Proliferation, State Office for Nuclear Safety

October 17, 2019. Understanding Japan’s Democracy Assistance: From Neoclassical Realism and Speech Act Perspectives, Maiko Ichihara, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Hitotsubashi and Stanford University

May 27, 2019. Private Actors and Sanctions: Lessons learned from the Netherlands, Dr. Francesco Giumelli, University of Groningen – More information

16.4. 2019 Verification of Non-Proliferation Commitments: Nuclear and Chemical Weapons – info
5.4. 2019 Energy, Climate Change & Comprehensive Security in the EU-Russia-US relations – info
27.3. 2019 “Islamic State” and Women: Recruitment, promises versus reality, and the system of sexual slavery – info
31.10. 2018 Methods of Counterterrorism – info
12.3. 2018 Relations between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom after Brexit – info
7. 12. 2017 Prague Launch of the 2017 Edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) – info
22.11.2017 Where the Wind Blew (public lecture dedicated to the screening of the documentary “Where the Wind Blew”) – info
20. 4. 2017 No Data? No Problem! A Guide to Researching Contemporary North Korea – info