GRANT GAČR Dynamics of Social Norms in International Order

The staff members of the Center for Security Studies under the leadership of dr. Šárka Kolmašová are participating in the research grant GA20-07805S Dynamics of Social Norms in International Order awarded by the Czech Science Agency. In the 2020-2022 period, this research project aims to make a contribution to analyses of the complex dynamics of social norms in international order, including norms dissemination, contestation and transformation. Despite an intensive debate over the processes of norms institutionalization and progressive anchoring within the international order, there is still a significant research gap regarding contestations over the content and applicability of norms, and their effects on norms’ robustness but also steadiness. We will analyse the disputes over selected norms related to security, humanitarianism and interventions, as these represent the most contested fields of international politics. We take in account the prevailing domination of Western discourses, therefore, we will consider wide range of platforms where norms are deliberated, including intergovernmental organisations such as the UN, NATO, EU, OAS, AU and ASEAN, and various NGOs, activist networks and private companies. The project will result in deeper understanding of the complex processes of how norms develop and change over time.